Holland Dahlia Event 2023

Holland Dahlia Event 2023

This year is the seventh edition of the Holland Dahlia Event. An event that (as the name suggests) is all about the dahlia. Our large flower bulb range also includes dahlias, such as Dahlia Thomas Edison and Dahlia Pooh. That’s why, as a friend of the dahlia, we want to put this local event in the spotlight.

About the dahlia

The dahlia is a remarkable flower. The different colours, colour combinations and many petals make the dahlia special. It is one of the oldest bulbous plants and is native to Mexico. It is a versatile flower with lots of possibilities. From landscaping to retail. In addition, the dahlia grows from July until the first frost.

Did you know… the dahlia is named after the botanist Andreas Dahl?

Holland Dahlia Event activities

The Holland Dahlia Event is from September 8 to September 11. This event was created to show all aspects of the dahlia, which is why several companies in the most important production area of ​​the Netherlands (between Haarlem and Leiden) are opening their doors. Besides the dahlia flower, there’s also room for the packaging material and product lines of the dahlia.

View all activities during the Holland Dahlia Event on the website.

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