Discover Easy Green: the new sustainable perennial range from Kébol!

Kébol is proud to introduce Easy Green, a line of sustainable and high-quality perennials perfect for both borders and pots. Whether you are experienced or not success is guaranteed with Easy Green.

Why does Kébol choose Easy Green?

At Kébol, we have years of experience in the production of amaryllis-on-pot, as well as extensive expertise in the field of perennials and the cultivation of perennials and bulbous plants. Thanks to our modern production facility, and our access to purchasing and sales markets, the introduction of the Easy Green program is a natural step in our sustainable business practices.

The Easy Green assortment stands out because of the following characteristics:

  • A sustainable choice: Our plants are grown in pots without the use of additional heat, and the starting material is produced in the Netherlands.
  • Quality: We exclusively select plant species known for their trouble-free growth and flowering, ensuring success.
  • Versatility: Easy Green plants are carefully chosen to fit into any garden or balcony, regardless of size or style.
  • Eye-catching: The Easy Green range distinguishes itself with the trendy blue color of the pots and the striking, fresh hanging label.

The Easy Green assortment is now available and can be ordered through Floriday or by contacting Gertjan. If you have any questions about our new Easy Green assortment, please feel free to contact us.

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