Amaryllis bulbs update from Peru!

It’s time for an update from the heart of Peru, where Amaryllis bulbs are growing under the sun of the Andes. Extensive stage surveys took place again at the end of March, where we closely monitored the health and development of our Amaryllis bulbs. After careful analysis of the findings, we set the schedule for the upcoming harvest. This is a crucial step to ensure that we can harvest and sort the bulbs at the best time, guaranteeing the best quality.

Harvesting and processing amaryllis bulbs

We have started digging up the beautiful Amaryllis bulbs. This marks the beginning of a new harvest season, with the fruits of our hard work already visible! The first batch have been sorted and we are proud to say that the growth of the bulbs is promising. Meanwhile, a container is already loaded and on its way to the Netherlands.

Return of normal temperatures El Nino

After the disturbances caused by El Nino, temperatures in Peru have returned to normal. A consistent environment contributes to the healthy growth and development of our bulbs. This stability in the climate is important to our operations as it helps us in both harvesting and processing the bulbs.

In short, preparations for the new season are in full swing! With a combination of dedication, expertise and a touch of welfare, we are confident that we are in for another successful season.

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