Awareness of the world around us.

Sustainable locations

At our modern production site In Rijsenhout we work with a focus on the environment and our surroundings to ensure sustainable operations. With nearly 400 solar panels on 800m2 of roof, we meet almost our own entire energy needs. We also apply sustainable methods for cooling our cold rooms using natural refrigerants, such as ammonia. In addition to a heat-recovery system and LED lighting throughout the 12,700 m2 production facility, we are taking more and more sustainable measures. We use the People-Planet-Profit principle as a guideline for making sustainable choices. Every business decision involves weighing the social and economic impacts. This makes us more aware of the impact of our operations. Every small step we take is a contribution to the bigger picture.

Sustainable packaging

The development of a 100% recyclable and compostable paper bag for selling our flower bulbs to consumers. Introducing EFC crates for exporting our flower bulbs around the world. With this sustainable packaging, we focus on maintaining the quality of our products and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Focus on quality

Quality control and working with the best, certified growers in our market. We set high standards for the quality of our bulbs and perennials. As a member of the Sustainable Suppliers of Horticultural Quality Products platform, we actively promote a sector that grows and trades products with respect for people, society and the environment. To independently monitor and guarantee this quality, Kébol is certified for several quality marks within our market. We also develop flower bulb concepts with a focus on biodiversity.