Ideal seasonal product for growers of pot plants and retailers.

Amaryllis grower

With our decades of knowledge in breeding and growing amaryllis bulbs, we are the experts in growing and marketing this seasonal product. In the nurseries in Peru and Brazil, we grow the familiar amaryllis bulbs that are cultivated in the southern hemisphere, such as Brasbonitas® and Chan Chan Amaryl®. Growing amaryllis in their natural environment and harvesting them early ensures top quality and earlier availability in early autumn.

Assorted amaryllis bulbs

In addition to the well-known amaryllis bulbs grown in the southern hemisphere, we also supply an assortment of Dutch- grown bulbs. This gives Kébol access to the widest assortment of amaryllis bulbs. The best-known brands are Brasbonitas® and Chan Chan®. With our Amaryllis Experience Collection, we are creating a range of packaging concepts for retailers. In wax, glitter or sheer. In a trendy box, sleeve, burlap bag or vase. In a tray, shop display or custom POS display.

Packaging for every market

  • For growers of pot plants and wholesalers, amaryllis bulbs are available in bulk and packaged in EFC crates. Due to the early harvesting of our southern hemisphere range, these are also available to growers in early autumn. Ideal for a timely response to retailers’ seasons, such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.
  • For retailers, garden centres, mail orders and wholesalers, the amaryllis bulb is a product with many possibilities. In pots (in various growing stages), in a tray, as a store display or classic counter display. In addition to ready-made concepts developed by the Kébol design team, private label concepts are also available. Contact us for more information about all the possibilities.

Who are these aimed at?

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