Amaryllis Experience Collection

Stylish displays and packaging for the retail sector

Shelf-ready concepts

With the Amaryllis Experience Collection, we are creating a range of packaging concepts of amaryllis bulbs for retailers. In wax, glitter or sheer. In a trendy box, sleeve, burlap bag or vase. Kébol’s design team develops and designs trendy concepts for our assortment of amaryllis bulbs providing additional store sales during the festive winter months.

Growing amaryllis

With our decades of knowledge in breeding and growing amaryllis bulbs, we are the experts in growing and marketing this seasonal product. In our own nurseries in Peru and Brazil, we grow the familiar amaryllis bulbs that are cultivated in the southern hemisphere, such as Brasbonitas® and Chan Chan®. Growing amaryllis in their natural environment and harvesting them early ensures top quality and earlier availability in early autumn.

An amaryllis for every consumer

The Amaryllis Experience Collection consists of several concepts, including;

  • Touch of Wax, single bulb, blooms without water, in trendy colours of wax with various finishes, such as snow, glitter, dressed with mini stole and themed designs.
  • Amorita® Kit, Amorita® bulb in various colours packaged in a single box including pot and soil.
  • Christmas Showbox, a pre-potted amaryllis bulb in attractive Christmas packaging.
  • X-Mas Ball, amaryllis bulb set up in a red, white, silver or gold festive ball.
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Benefits for retail

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