From amaryllis bulbs to bare root perennials

Assortment for growers

With our decades of knowledge in breeding and growing amaryllis bulbs, we are the experts in growing and marketing this seasonal product. In our own nurseries in Peru and Brazil, we grow the familiar amaryllis bulbs, such as Brasbonitas® and Chan Chan Amaryl®. In addition to this range, we also supply a range of Dutch-grown bulbs. This gives Kébol access to the widest range of amaryllis bulbs, which can be delivered just-in-time from stock. The ideal seasonal product for growers of pot plants. With our years of experience and knowledge, we know how to properly prepare our amaryllis bulbs, which are grown in the southern hemisphere, for an ideal start to growing in pots in the greenhouse.

Top quality perennials sourced by Kébol all over the world. We have more than 35 years of knowledge in buying and selling bare root perennials. From green perennials, such as hosta and heuchera, to flowering perennials, such as peonies and astilbe. A carefully selected assortment of land plants ideally suited for the production of pre-potted perennials. Check out our catalogue for the complete range of products.

In bulk or packaged

  • Our amaryllis bulbs are available in bulk and packaged in lily crate or EFC crate. Due to early harvesting of our southern hemisphere range, amaryllis bulbs are also available to growers in early autumn. Ideal for a timely response to retailers’ seasons, such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.
  • The root stalks of our perennials are available in bulk and packed in boxes or crates.

Benefits for growers

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