Introducing the pre-sprouted Amaryllis

Similar like Kees van der Meij, Michel van der Meij is also part of the Sales team. He is eager to tell you more about the pre-sprouted Amaryllis, a bulbous plant of which many people are unsure of their exact nature and the unique possibilities this specific Amaryllis has to offer.

What is a pre-sprouted Amaryllis?

Amaryllis come in all shapes and sizes, including the pre-sprouted Amaryllis. Michel explains: “The pre-sprouted Amaryllis is an Amaryllis that we cultivate in a greenhouse without a pot and therefore without soil. In this greenhouse it is 20 – 22 degrees. The Amaryllis stays in the greenhouse until a sprout emerges. Once the Amaryllis is the right length, we remove it from the greenhouse and the Amaryllis is stored in the cold room.”

The desired length and specifications of the sprout are determined by the customer, depending on how it will be used in their final product. We offer different specs to meet various needs, being:

  • 1-2 cm
  • 3-5 cm
  • 5-8 cm

On average, Amaryllises spend 2 to 4 weeks in the greenhouse until they reach the desired length. Michel: “The color and size of the flower are determined by the development of the sprout while growing in the greenhouse. Customers tell us the type and length they want. Every day there are people working in the greenhouse who keep track of whether the right specifications have been reached, so that the Amaryllis bulbs can be picked off the cart at the right time.” The correct specifications are noted on the front of the cart, ensuring accessibility for all greenhouse staff. In addition, it is important that we know exactly how many bulbs with which flower color and specification have now been harvested and are in the cold store in order to fill all orders correctly.

Applications of the pre-sprouted Amaryllis

The pre-sprouted Amaryllis offers many possibilities. Michel: “For example, the pre-sprouted Amaryllis can be used in any (flower) arrangement. Whether in a vase or in a pot. It is also possible to put a wax layer around the Amaryllis bulb, in a variety of colors. So, these bulbs make wonderful table decorations.”

Working with attached Amaryllises brings challenges. And gladly Michel accepts these challenges. Michel explains, “The pre-sprouted Amaryllis is really a completely different market than that of the ‘regular’ Amaryllis in a pot or box. This Amaryllis needs the right time, specifications, and quality to deliver. That’s a big challenge. No year is the same. But that also makes it fun.”

Every day is different

At the moment the focus is mainly on the sale of Amaryllises, both seeding and bulk, but within his Sales Manager position Michel is also involved in other activities. Michel: “In sales, every day is different. One day, my focus is mainly on establishing and maintaining contact with customers worldwide. The other day I gather market information, make sales forecasts for the long term so that cultivation can match this or visit customers.” All in all, a varied job.

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