Discover our Flower bulbs & Perennials Spring 2024 collection

Discover our Flower bulbs & Perennials Spring 2024 collection

The autumn season is approaching quickly… But behind the scenes our team is already working on next year. Our Spring 2024 collection is ready, and all products can now be viewed and ordered from our new Flower bulbs & Perennials Spring 2024 collection catalogue!

New spring collection

With a new catalogue, we also launch new varieties. An overview of the new varieties is listed on the first couple of pages. New varieties such as, Dahlia Spassmacher, Paeonia Red Double, and Zantedeschia Dubai Nights. After you get to know the new varieties, we have listed the most popular Home & Garden varieties, followed by our assortment of packaging, concepts, and displays.

Did you see the introduction of our catalogue got an upgrade, just like our website? We are very happy with the result because it reflects well what we do and stand for at Kébol.

Spring 2024 collection catalogue highlights

  • Hosta BotaniQua: One of the biggest plant trends is ‘hydroponics’. Therefore, we have created BotaniQua. BotaniQua is a Hosta, growing in a glass vase. So, it’s completely visible how the roots of the Hosta are growing. Curious? Read more about BotaniQua.
  • Easy Gardening: There’s nothing easier than ‘Easy Gardening’. Plant the biodegradable plant tray directly in the soil or pot and enjoy the spring flowering bulbs. Easy as that!
  • XXL Dahlia: An XXL Dahlia? Yes! This flower will get to about 20cm (dinner plate), which will make it an eye-catcher in every summer garden.

Delivery information Spring 2024 collection

If you place our order for our Spring 2024 collection before week 48 (2023), it will be delivered week 4 (2024). Are you placing your order before week 3 (2024)? Then you will receive it week 7 (2024). Good to know: A (partial) delivery before week 4 is possible.

If you have any question concerning order & delivery, please contact us.

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