We proudly present our new product: BotaniQua

Met trots presenteren wij… BotaniQua

Our team is constantly looking at the trends developing in and around the market. Currently, one of the biggest plant trends is ‘hydroponics’. Hydroponics is a specific technique to grow plants. For this you use a water-based nutrient solution. So, there’s no soil involved. With this trend in mind, we created BotaniQua.

All you need to know about BotaniQua

BotaniQua is a Hosta, growing in a glass vase. So, it’s completely visible how the roots of the Hosta are growing. We opted for the Hosta because the beautiful green leaves compliment every type of interior. BotaniQua is packaged in a box with a glass vase and a Hosta wrapped in peat. There are also instructions included where it describes how easily this product can grow into a leafy green plant. The packaging contains no water, which means the product has a long shelf life on the sales floor. For us, this is the start of a range of plants or bulbs in water for indoor use.


Sustainable product

Our BotaniQua is completely sustainable product, because the Hosta can be planted in the garden during fall. Meanwhile the vase can be reused for something else in or around the house.

The BotaniQua range consists of:

  • Hosta Fresh Green
  • Hosta Flamed Green
  • Hosta Iced Green

Availability of BotaniQua

BotaniQua is available for delivery from week 13. Good to know: It comes 16x in a tray (outer packaging). Want to know more about BotaniQua? Or are you curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

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