Perennial program expanded with Chick Charms®

Perennial program expanded with Chick Charms®

From 2023, Kébol Plants will have access to the starting material of Chick Charms® succulents. The plugs of these ultra-hardy succulents are easy to grow in a container. We are convinced the Chick Charms® collection is a very nice addition to spring program.

About Chick Charms®

The collection of Chick Charms® is very colorful and filled with hardy Sempervivum (Hen’s & Chicks). These have been evaluated by Chris Hansen in West Michigan. The succulents are easy to grow and to take care of. They don’t need a lot of water and it’s a very strong plant. It’s hardy up to -25 ºC.

The Chick Charms® succulents are distinguished by their bright and unique colours. They’ll provide colour all year round.

Fun facts Chick Charms®

  • The succulents do well everywhere. From roofs to gardens and inside as well.
  • Available in several of varieties, which are all very colourful.
  • Available all year round and suitable for all climates.

Delivery of Chick Charms®

Good to know: The delivery will be from February to May. Curious about the possibilities? Please contact Kees van der Meij (

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