Let’s get started with My Kébol: These are the benefits

Let’s get started with My Kébol: These are the benefits

Scrolling through our website, browsing through our catalogues, and contacting our Sales Team to order the products you want. This might sound familiar to you. But did you know… with My Kébol you can also place your order for Bare Root Perennials and Amaryllises online? And you have access to our image bank with all kinds of images of our range?

Ordering in our webshop

Currently wholesalers and retail can place an order when logging into My Kébol and going to our webshop. This is possible for: Bare Root Perennials and Amaryllises. In the webshop you’ll immediately see the current stock of a product. This allows you to place an order online easily and quickly. Do you have questions about our range or are you looking for a specific product? Please contact our Sales Managers.

Download product images

As soon as you are logged into My Kébol with your account, you also have access to more than 1300  images in the most beautiful, high resolution of our Bare Root Perennials and Amaryllises ranges. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use the search bar at the top of the page. This way our website immediately filters out the images you want. So easy! Click the image you want and download it in high resolution to use (copyright free).

Your own My Kébol account

With your own free My Kébol account, everything you could possibly need is all in one place. Go to this page and log in. Here you’ll see all your data, order history and our products. Don’t have an account yet? Request your account here.

Request a My Kébol account

Good to know: We will constantly update My Kébol with new content and products. Do you have questions about your My Kébol account? Contact us by sending an email to marketing@kebol.nl (Jamie van der Maden) or calling +31 (0) 252 76 0304.

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