Time to order our new bare root perennials collections

We just published three new catalogues: Bare Root Perennials Autumn 2024, Bare Root Perennials 2025, and Bare Root Perennials High Volume 2025. The pages of the catalogues are filled with our updated collection and (new) products. This way you have a perfect overview of everything. Curious? The highlights per catalogue are listed here.

About Perennials

Perennials are wonderful additions to the landscape and garden. Each year, demand continues to increase. Why? Because they last more than one season, making them perfect for designing a permanent garden scene.

Bare Root Perennials Autumn 2024

The Bare Root Perennials Autumn 2024 catalogue features an assortment of Iris Germanica, Paeonia and spring-flowering flower bulbs. This catalogue also includes detailed information and tips for what to do with the roots upon arrival, when planting and after planting.

Please note: Want to plant the roots this autumn season? Make sure to order on time. Everything is available from week 40 and the order deadline is July 31st, 2025.

Bare Root Perennials Autumn 2025

In the Bare Root Perennials 2025 catalogue we have over 134 new varieties in striking colours and shapes. Besides that, in our Bare Root Perennials 2025 catalogue you will also find ‘bare root shrubs’. These are better value for money than their containerized counterparts because they are cheaper to grow. We have also expanded the assortment of shrubs with some wonderful new varieties. In the catalog, we have made the assortment visible with images.

Please note: Available from week 5 till week 16 and the shipment dates cannot be altered after November 1st, 2024. And our packaging process begins on November 1st, 2024, so no changes can be made to your order after this date.

Bare Root Perennials High Volume 2025 collection

In the High Volume program, the assortment in Iris has expanded significantly. Besides the popular Hostas, including a beautiful new variety Don Stevens, there is a varied assortment available in the High Volume program. In this catalog you will find price-attractive varieties that are packaged and delivered in bulk. Besides that, we’ve marked the top varieties and added detailed information per root.

Please note: Available from week 2 till week 33.

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