Exclusive to Kébol: Liatris Cobalus, an incredible compact Liatris variety

Liatris Cobalus

A new variety of the popular Liatris Spicata, which is distinguished by its flowering height and beautiful flowers? That’s Liatris Cobalus! Let us introduce you to this variety.

All about Liatris Cobalus

If we compare Liatris Cobalus with the popular Liatris Spicata, the Cobalus shows a more even flowering. This makes the plant look visually very attractive, which is further supported by the intense purple colour. This colour gives a lively look to any garden.

Did you know that… Liatris is also an attractive plant for bees and butterflies?


Liatris Cobalus facts & figures

  • Has a deep, intense purple colour.
  • Is very compact and only grows to a height of 25cm.
  • Visually very attractive due to the uniform flower height.
  • Can be planted in a 1 Gallon or C2.5 liter pot or container.
  • Is the shortest Liatris available on the market.

Order Liatris Cobalus from Kébol

Curious about Liatris Cobalus? Contact Kees van der Meij (kees@kebol.nl) or Joey Hufman (sales@kebol.nl) to get more information.

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