Amaryllis harvest in Peru

Amaryllisbollen kweken in Peru

Our largest Amaryllis supplier is located in Peru. Every year Jos van der Drift (responsible for purchasing Chan Chan Amaryllises) travels to Peru four times a year to keep an eye on what’s happening, how the plants look in the field and to guarantee the quality.

Benefits of growing Amaryllis bulbs in South America

Jos van der Drift: “We grow Amaryllis bulbs in Peru because the climate is extremely suitable for the cultivation of Amaryllis bulbs.” The temperature in Peru is constant and the light intensity is perfect. In addition, we use water that comes from the rain and snow from the Andes. This water is used with a drip system, a sustainable way of water and nutrients. We also grow the bulbs in Peru on sandy soil. This makes lifting very easy, smooth and there’s less chance of damaging the bulbs. But the biggest advantage of growing Amaryllis in Peru is that the seasons there are opposite to those in Europe, which means that the Amaryllis bulbs are guaranteed to bloom during Christmas in Europe.

Work during harvest season

We work very closely with Chan Chan. For example, we create a planning for the cultivars and pass on the numbers per size and type.

Good to know: The Chan Chan Amaryllis bulbs are GlobalGAP and GRASP certified.

On an average workday in Peru, the employees take on different tasks. From going into the field to harvest to working in the production area to wash, dry and sort the bulbs. Other employees are also responsible for loading the containers for export, and the administration updates the paperwork.

During the harvest season it’s busy and our employees are at work six days a week. Because there is a lot of work this season, we think it is very important to pay attention to our employees. Therefore, we take great care of the employees. Attention is paid to healthy working conditions and sustainable employability of employees.

Looking forward to a great Amaryllis season

“The plants are in good shape. They look healthy, and I am looking forward to the Amaryllis season in a positive way,” says Jos van der Drift. Currently, the harvest is in full swing, and we just received the first container of Amaryllises.

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