Now available: Flower bulbs & Perennials Autumn 2023 collection

Flower bulbs & Perennials Autumn 2023 collection

Our Autumn 2023 collection brochure is now available! With this new brochure we provide you with a nice overview of our large range. This way all retailers, wholesalers, mail orders and growers have a clear picture of all (new) products.

New autumn collection

What you will see in the new brochure are the new varieties we are launching, which you immediately get an overview of on the first couple of pages. From Allium Nigrum to Amaryllis Christmas Gift and Lilium Planet Mixed. These varieties are created based on the latest trends. Followed by the most popular varieties, the packaging range and displays.

Autumn 2023 collection brochure highlights

  • Colour your Garden 125 days of Flowers: This concept consists of a carefully composed sustainable carrier bag (made from recycled grass paper) with flower bulbs. With this concept the consumer has flowers in their garden or in a pot on the balcony/terrace for 125 days.
  • 100% recyclable and compostable packaging: Sustainability is important to us and that’s why we now package our flower bulbs and perennials in 100% recyclable and compostable bags.
  • Biodiversity: Besides sustainability, we also want to add to the biodiversity. So, in the collection we also paid attention for bee and butterfly cultivars.

Discover the Flower bulbs & Perennials Autumn 2023 collection

Delivery information Autumn 2023 collection

Placing an order from the brochure before week 25 in 2023? Then you will receive it in week 34 of 2023. Are you placing your order before week 32 in 2023? Then you will receive the order in week 36/37 of 2023.

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