Planting Boxes: Open, plant and enjoy

Healthy eating and living plays an increasingly important role in everyone’s lives. That is why people often opt for ‘grow your own’. The refrigerator is increasingly full of vegetables and herbs that people have grown themselves. A beautiful, striking development and our Planting Boxes fit this trend perfectly!

Let it grow with our Planting Boxes

The Planting Boxes have been in our collection for a long time but have gotten a little make-over. The herbs are now in a special planting box. Due to the unique finish on the inside of the box, it’s suitable for planting, watering, which allows the herbs to bloom in the box. A major advantage for the consumer as they no longer need a pot to plant the herbs. Not only the individual kitchen herbs, such as basil or oregano, but also the boxes with mixed tea herbs.

Planting Boxes
Planting Boxes
Planting Boxes

Planting Boxes facts & figures

  • The box has dimensions of 9.5 x 9.5 x 10 cm.
  • The Planting Boxes are available in the most popular kitchen and tea herbs. Think of basil, dill, and lavender.
  • In addition to the individual herbs, trendy mixes have also been created.


View the Planting Boxes in our Flower bulbs & Perennials Spring 2024 catalogue and place your order via My Kébol.

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